STAGEVolker Thiele
DRAMATURGYKathrin Kondaurow
COSTUMEJulia Rösler
LIGHTAlexander Gnadl
CHOIRMarkus Oppeneiger & Marianna Voza
VIDEOBahadir Hamdemir
WITH:Jaesig Lee
Alik Abdukayumow
Camila Ribero-Souza
Nadine Weissmann
Caterina Maier
Jolana Slavíková
Andri Chakov
Henry Neill
Daeyoung Kim
Andreas Koch
Walter Farmer Hart
Jens Schmiedecke
Xiaoyu Wei
Opern- and Extrachoir DNT
Extra DNT
Staatskapelle Weimar
Fotos: Vincent Leifer

“The mass as a singing power. (…) One thing that unites them is the masking. No one shows his true face. (…) The scene holds many sensorial images in store, on stage as well as in the form of a large-scale video projection. One of them shows a woman’s face. Amelia (…) looks at us. For minutes. Apparently not moving. But behind her forehead, that’s what’s so moving about this still image, it blazes. Silently. Endlessly sad.“

Opernwelt Juli 2018 Jürgen Otten

“The main focus here is on the metaphorical level: people and their masks, with which they divide passions, frustrations and desires from others and themselves. These social shields show up in the crowd scenes with a stunningly aestheticized façade.“

NMZ Roland Dippel 8.6.18