PIQUE DAME. Tchaikovsky

STAGENina von Essen
DRAMATURGYDominica Volkert
COSTUMEJulia Rösler
LIGHTMichael Philipp
CHOIRBernhard Moncado
CHILDREN’S CHOIRThomas Schmieger
ORCHESTRAPhilharmonisches Orchester Freiburg
WITH:Luis Chapa
Roberto Gionfriddo
Sergej Tolstov
Alejandro Lárraga Schleske
Michael Pflumm
Evert Sooster
Anja Jung
Christina Vasileva
Qin Du
Susana Schnell
Anna Shiryaeva
Shinsuke Nishioka
Taiyu Uhiyama
Max Degerloh
Alison Luz
Anne Schiller
Frank Habatsch
Sara Lena Möllenkamp
Opern- und Kinderchor des Theater Freiburg
Photos: Maurice Korbel

“Hermann dies, all alone in the midst of society (…) the “Queen of Spades” new production at the theatre charismatically captures this mood with images that bring Pushkin and Tchaikovsky a little closer together (…). For the director Eva-Maria Höckmayr tells the story with extreme concentration on the main character. (…) – Physis and metaphysis blur into each other. All this has a lot to do with Tchaikovsky’s symphony of emotions. (…) The funds of the “TheaterFreunde” could not be better invested. So could those of the public purse.”

Opernwelt 5/2013; Badische Zeitung, 11.3.2013, Alexander Dick

“In this success, the arts worked happily together; the applause in the Freiburg theatre was overwhelming (…) The young director creates a theatre of emotion and enchantment, but also of penetrating psychology. And she finds strong images for the work, which premiered in 1890: the Countess appearing several times behind the curtain; the mourners standing around a corpse bed from which the dead woman rises; Lisa’s leap to her death while they celebrate in the casino.”

Classic.Com, 9.3.2013, Dennis Roth

“The basic ideas are carried out to the finest ramifications. (…) Lost illusions: That is what this theatre of the soul is about. The scenery, the wooden panelling falls. (…) In exquisitely arranged mass scenes, the sheer soul theatre of doublings is played out towards the end. (…) Frenetic applause in the “Großes Haus.”

Südkurier, 12.3.2013, Siegbert Kopp

“(…) Höckmayr succeeds in constantly increasing the tension from the first to the last image and in setting the climax with the last surreal scene. (…) A successful directorial work which, with many original ideas and skilful direction of the characters, places this opera on the edge of gothic romanticism, but allows its effects to interfere with the thoroughly convincing psychological characterisation of the main characters.”

Opera lover, 13.05.2013