STAGENina von Essen
DRAMATURGYMark Schachtsiek
COSTUMEJulia Rösler
LIGHTJörg Hammerschmidt
CHOIRFabian Wöhrle
VIDEOMartin Baumgartner
WITH:Jana Havranová
Sayaka Shigeshima
Timothy Richards
Alik Abdukayumov
Frieder Aurich
Caterina Maie
state chapel Weimar
Chang-Hoon Lee
Jong-Yae Moon
Sebastian Campione
Alexander Günther
Jong-Kwueol Lee
Andreas Koch
Extras of the DNT Weimar

“Bravi! A ‘Butterfly’ on such a level will hardly be found in the wide radius. (…) The director counters the emotional superiority of the music with the added level of reflection, and she confesses in aestheticized images what truly sounds from the score. (…) Höckmayr has succeeded, with recourse to early versions of the opera, in reinterpreting an old story. (…) ‘Madama Butterfly’, the tragedy of Pinkerton and Cio-Cio San, is no exotic fairy tale in this DNT production. It gives us up to question all our prejudices, clichés and conventions – for the only thing that really counts in our lives. So this play of two great, lonely lovers must be witnessed and felt.”

Thüringische Landeszeitung/Thüringer Allgemeine, Wolfgang Hirsch / 24.06.13

“The actors and all the other contributors blend very well into the directorial work, which must be described as successful and which encourages intellectual engagement with the play.”

Der Neue Merker, Christoph Karner, 23.6.2013