STAGEChristian Schmidt
DRAMATURGYMark Schachtsiek
COSTUMESaskia Rettig
LIGHTNicole Hungsberg
CHOIRSierd Quarré
EXTRASBühnen Köln
WITH:Olesya Golovneva
Atalla Ayan
Jeongki Cho
Boaz Daniel
Taejun Sun
Judith Thielsen
Regina Richter
Regina Richter
Henning von Schulman
Choir of the Oper Köln
Photos: Bernd Uhlig

“And because this psycho-opera emotionally penetrates so deeply into the souls of the protagonists, director Eva-Maria Höckmayr has dug even further: (…) the direction derives – from the famous mad aria, in which for Lucia the images of a lover, husband and now brother blur – even far deeper incestuous entanglements of the protagonist. This evokes a meta-level that can be incorporated without damaging – and that is, after all, what the direction is called upon to do in the best sense. (….). The completely new stage situation creates a pressing closeness to the audience: the spectators are directly on the flat edge of the playing area, eye to eye with the singers, because the orchestra sits in the side aisle of the hall. The conductor Eun Sun Kim – and this is an ingenious intermediate solution – sits offstage for the audience, but looks directly at her singers from the side stage. This works really well (…). In such a singer-friendly staging with visual interpretations of interpretative additions, the opera evening certainly remains a feast.”

Bonner Generalanzeiger, Olaf Weiden 14.6.2016