L’ANCETRE. Saint-Saens

STAGEEva-Maria Höckmayr
COSTUMEJulia Rösler
LIGHTGeorg Boeshenz
WITH:Jeong-Meen Ahn
Thomas Kiechle
Damien Gastl
Heike Grötzinger
Milena Bischoff
Céline Akcag
Emery Escher
Anne Michaeli
Sophie Rondeck
Markus Hellmund
Oleg Surmeli
Münchner Rundfunkorchester
Photos: Jean-Marc Turmes

“Director and set designer Eva-Maria Höckmayr moved the action somewhere between this world and the hereafter, into a pitch-black, eternal night (…). The dead are not dead’ was already known by the great ghost specialist Heiner Müller, and this became visually as clear as here (…). All this has poetic power and fits perfectly with the pale, parched music of Camille Saint-Saëns, which (…) unfolds impressionistic magic.”

Bayern Klassik Kultur, Peter Jungblut, 22.03.2019

“Eva-Maria Höckmayr created for her production a visually impressive space (…) full of ghosts of the past. (…) Höckmayr arranges the participants in surreal-somnambulistic images, in a kind of Garcia-Lorca daydream, more of a condition than theater, in the center of which (…) Heike Grötzinger sings and plays the Nunciata with nuanced malice.”

SZ, Egberth Tholl, 22.3.2019

“For the death-drenched drama, director Eva-Maria Höckmayr, as her own set designer, had a spellbinding idea: in the dark, empty stage space, dozens of empty costume-dress-sleeves hung like shadows of the ancestors, sometimes descending oppressively and then vanishing upwards again (…). Höckmayr formed the close, constantly recurring cycle of life in revolving passages and sequences.

An epitomized nightmare of ‘dead people on vacation’ embraced it all, vividly intensifying the music-theatrical experience. After a brief silence, unanimous cheers for a discovery with which the Theatre Academy can legitimately be proud of its anniversary.”

Neue Musikzeitung, Wolf-Dieter Peter, 22.3.2019

“(…) the staging by Eva-Maria Höckmayr seemed highly concentrated with its minimalist severity. (…) With many details, the direction of the characters was wonderfully crafted, and also the different dimensions of consciousness of the acting characters were magnificently worked out, which was exciting to follow.”

Kulturexpresso, Midou Grossmann, 22.3.2019

“Höckmayr thinks in big pictures and knows how to lead with a clear hand both the main characters and the powerful choir.(…) For curious opera fans, a visit is a must.”

Münchner Merkur, Tobias Hell, 22.3.2019

„Eva-Maria Höckmayr consistently follows the line of action towards the catastrophe on the attractively lit stage: many details add up to an impressive overall picture (…) and the audience celebrates the enthusiastic performers and a performance without limitations.”

Bayerische Staatszeitung, Uwe Mitsching, 22.3.2019