TEXTVERSIONEva-Maria Höckmayr/Andri Hardmeier
DRAMATURGYAndri Hardmeier
WITH:Sigrun Schell
Ullo von Peinen

“The integration of the musicians into the scenic action is extraordinarily successful. Unawares, the play rises above its subject, the consistency of patterns of perception and value is up for discussion, and a question is in the room that can never be answered and yet must be asked every day. This is how theatre should be.”

FAZ, Benedikt Stegemann, 17.1.09

“Rightly so, she has received a sponsorship award from the Deutsche Bank’s ‘Akademie Musiktheater heute’ for her wholly theatrical work. (…) In this sense, the music is a constant dialogue partner and companion to the anti-hero Pozdnysev, with whom Ullo von Peinen seems to merge completely in an act of sensational acting devotion.”

The German Stage/Badische Zeitung, Alexander Dick, September 07/ 30.6.07

“The staging has an inherent graphic austerity. Eva-Maria Höckmayr derives considerable effect from the sparseness, from the reduction. The word-sound connection points beyond the illustrative, expands the dimensions.”

Offenbach Post, Stefan Michalzik, 15.1.09